Thank you so much for considering becoming a monthly partner with Never Alone!  We currently assist 400+ families a month, putting over 35,000 pounds of food into the homes of those in Cherokee County who are food insecure. Food insecure simply means that our neighbors in need are having to make tough choices each day between buying food and meeting another monthly need such as a power bill, gas bill, or medication. Single moms, grandparents raising grandchildren, and those with chronic illnesses that have put them on disabilit are among those we serve each month. All it takes is an unexpected serious illness or loss of job to put a family into a situation where they are now  food insecure.

Each month we welcome those through the doors of our food pantry to shop from our shelves. We do not give a pre packaged box, which means that each family will leave with food that best suits its needs based on preference and/or dietary needs. We find that this method also provides dignity to those we serve. An average family of 4 leaves with approx.. 75 pounds of food, which will help stock their shelves for 1-2 weeks.

In the last two months of 2017 we saw a great increase of requests for food assistance due largely to cuts made by government assistance programs. We expect to continue to see an increase of requests over the coming months.

Currently less than 25% of our total operating budget comes from monthly partners. This includes both individuals and churches from our community. Our current goal is to get a minimum of 250 partners who will commit to $25 a month, which would cover our monthly food budget. Since we are partners with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, your $25 would help us secure 150 pounds off food and feed two families of 4.

What happens if we go beyond our goal of 250 monthly partners? In addition to food assistance, we do offer other assistance on a limited basis and as funds allow. This includes, but not limited to, housing, transportation, and utility assistance. These types of assistance are typically reserved to those whom we already serve through food assistance. However, we always make sure that our food budget is met first. Ensuring that our food budget it met each month would allow us to meet some of these other needs as well on a more consistent basis. Beyond our Outreach Assistance, you will be helping us keep the physical place open and running.

If you have additional questions about Never Alone and what difference your partnership can make or to schedule a facility tour, please contact Millie Hughes @

Never Alone believes in letting those we serve know they are never alone in trials they are going through. We strive daily to grow relationships with those the who walk through the doors of the Food Pantry Outreach Center. Please join us today so we can continue to let our neighbors know their community is walking with them on their current journey in life and that they are Never Alone.

Thank you for continued support!

The Never Alone Team