Never Alone original office building.Our Story

In September 2013, our son Branden, who is in the landscape business, received a call from a friend of ours to clean up an overgrown lot and home in Woodstock.  Branden is our only child and he had recently married and moved out of our home.  It was a huge adjustment for Patricia and me.   We knew that he was very happy but we missed him greatly.  So, every chance I had to see him I took it.

I knew that he and his crew were working on the cleanup so I ran through the Chick-Fil-A drive through and picked up lunch.  I drove to the old overgrown house and parked.  He saw me and joined me inside my old pick up.  It was great to have those moments with him.  We finished eating and when he got out of the truck, I cranked it up and was about to put it in reverse when I had a very strong feeling in my heart that God wanted us to minister here -- out of this old house.  I shut down the truck and got out, worked my way through the overgrown weeds to the front porch of the house.  There was a watermelon growing at the front door.

The house was a wreck inside and out.  Electrical wiring was hanging from the inside ceiling and a lot of damage had been done by vandals. I was really taken back that God was calling us here.  We only had $82 in our ministry checking account and had just returned from East Africa where we had ongoing financial ministry commitments to feed orphan children.  In the natural I could not see how this would be possible; but God had other plans.  HE urged me to call the property owner and ask to use the house for an outreach ministry.  I confess, that I was hesitant because I really wanted to return to East Africa and continue our work there.  I was also very fearful of being a failure.  There was no funding for what God was asking of me.

That evening I shared with my wife Patricia what had happened and she asked me if I felt it was from God or was it Lamar wanting to do this?  I assured her that it was all God and she suggested we pray and ask God to make it clear as to what HE wanted of us.  That week it all began to unfold.  I called the owner of the property and shared with him what God had placed on our hearts to do.  I asked if we could use the old house and explained we had little money. His response was an instant yes! Our only requirement was to keep the grass cut and there would be no monthly rent required.  I was like ok that was to easy!

We began to share with our ministry partners that God had given us the use of this house and a Methodist church small group reached out to us and offered to come pressure wash and paint the outside.  The following week a Baptist small group of ladies reached out and came to clean and paint the entire inside of the home.  I really knew God was all over this outreach when we had both the Methodist and Baptist churches blessing it!  Our friend in the electrical business came out and took care of our lighting needs.  Our friend in the HVAC business came and got the heater and air conditioning system working.  We still had $82 in the bank …..

Remember the watermelon growing on the front porch?  It was God’s sign that there was going to be a food pantry here!  The first church that had come to do work called us a couple of weeks after they had left and said: “Hey, our church family has been collecting food to stock the pantry and we wanted to know if you were there.  We’re sending a loaded truck over.”  After I hung up I thought, well what a nice gesture -- they collected a pickup full of food for us.  In a few minutes, I heard this “beep beep beep” coming from outside. I looked out the front door and this huge 24- foot long truck was backing up in our drive!  I began to cry.

Since our beginning, we have provided thousands of pounds of food to thousands of families who have come in great need of assistance.  God has truly provided and continues to faithfully use his people to keep our food pantry shelves stocked.

Meet the Team

The Never Alone Team is made up of staff and volunteers who desire to serve our neighbors in need with love and dignity. Our staff and volunteers work hand-in-hand to ensure that all guests have the best shopping experience possible.

Lamar Green
Founder & CEO

Never Alone, Inc. was founded by Lamar Green in 2000. Lamar currently serves as president and oversees the operations of our Never Alone Community Food Outreach Center located in Woodstock, GA.

Lamar has received numerous awards for his community service including the: 2016 The Martin Luther King Unity Award and the: 2016 Lamar Haley Community Service Award.

Lamar and his wife Patricia have been married for 30 years. They have one son Branden, a daughter-in-love Katelin, a precious granddaughter, and 2 adorable grand dogs.

Lamar also is a board member of Community of Hope.

Millie Hughes
Director of Food Pantry Operations

Millie directs the daily operations of our Food Pantry, as well as heads up our Community Awareness & Outreach efforts. Millie began her career with Never Alone as a volunteer for two years before transitioning into her current staff position.

Millie has over 25 years in volunteer leadership that begin when she and a fellow Navy wife began a Spouse Support Group at the training base her husband was stationed. Since those early days, she has served as a volunteer leader in her church, Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, American Heritage Girls, and the PTA.

Millie has a great passion for the Never Alone mission and considers dignity and relationships to be two of most central driving forces for everything done at Never Alone.

Millie and her husband, Scott, have been married for 30 years. She is the proud mother of Blake, Cassie, & Scott (son-in-love), as well as three furry children. Millie enjoys serving at her church, studying the bible, bee keeping, gardening, canning, and arts & crafts.

Angie Hillhouse
Facility Support Staff

Angie works closely with our Director of Food Pantry to ensure that our facility is maintained in such a way that our guests and volunteers have a positive experience that speaks the language of dignity. Angie takes great pride in her care and organization of our facility.

Angie has intense experience in food processing and marketing. That combined with her people oriented personality, makes her a great asset to our Never Alone Staff. You can often hear infectious laugh while at Never Alone, as she builds positive relationships with all who enter.

Angie and her husband David have been married for 9 years and have two sons.  Angie enjoys gardening and fishing.